Fundraise with Prodigal Pottery

Prodigal Pottery would love to partner with your non-profit, church, or school to offer custom fundraising opportunities.

Prodigal Pottery will work with you to design a custom mug or ornament for a fundraiser to support your ministry or organization. Check out our frequently asked fundraising questions below, and fill out the contact form below to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Fundraising Questions

Who can fundraise with Prodigal Pottery?

If you are a non-profit, church or school, we would love to partner with you for fundraising opportunities. If you have a question about whether you are eligible to fundraise, reach out via the form below.

What percentage will we make from the fundraiser?

All of our custom fundraising mugs are $20 retail, each custom ornament is $16 retail. Your organization will receive 50% of the profit from each item sold ($10 per mug, $8 per ornament)

How are items sold?

There are several options for selling your fundraising pieces. The first option is to order a bulk amount of mugs or ornaments upfront that will be paid for via invoice. The customers will then purchase directly from you.

The second option is for Prodigal Pottery to manage sales via unique QR codes for your items. Each person within your organization who wants to sell fundraising products will be given a QR code for customers to scan and pay on the go, then Prodigal Pottery will fulfill orders one at a time. Customers can choose for items to be shipped, or you can drop off customers orders. Once a fundraiser has closed, Prodigal Pottery will issue a check for 50% of the profit from sales to your organization.

How do I design my custom fundraising product?

Prodigal Pottery can convert any logo or design into a custom stamp that will be used for mug pendants or custom stamped ornaments. For questions about your personal design and whether it will work, you can contact us via the form below.

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